Friday, May 22, 2009

dirty water

I'm running today~
Let's call it "classic conditioning."
Not because I'm turning into a fitness nut.
Not because I'm looking ahead to swimsuit season.
I'm running because the timer *BEEP*s every 15 minutes.
And when the timer beeps, I must run.
I'm starting to feel a bit like Pavlov's Dog.
Especially since I haven't been able to shower for a couple of days.
And with the heat topping out in the 90's, the timing's Oh, so ripe. I mean right. Yesterday, in the middle of hosting a slip-n-slide party for four and five year olds, the hose stopped working. It was abrupt. And a little disappointing.

The worst was yet to come:
The $3,500 price tag for a new pump, with all the latest accessories, at the bottom of our 580 foot well.

The mood on the homefront was not pleasant last night. But I was able to therapeutically bring the tension down a few notches by spending an hour at the sink washing the dishes in water that I heated on the stove. Especially after the ice storm that is still fresh in our minds, I believe VERY strongly in having an adequate water supply. And in storing water for emergencies. We do. So in that, and some time spent soaking my hands in the sudsy water, I have taken comfort.
Back to the timer. The well guys/pump guys instructed us that we must now flush any sediment out of our well before we can pump the water through the interior pipes. All water has been shut off to the house, and is now operating from a single house, snaked through the basement window from the shut-off valve in the basement. Fifteen minutes on, fifteen minutes off. Run to basement, turn valve on. Run to lawn to collect water sample. Run to basement, turn valve off. Run to lawn, check for sediment. We have to check the water for color and sediment each time. As you can see, the water looks more like a pitcher of lager. When there is no sediment and no color, we're good to go. He said it could take anywhere from three hours to three weeks. So far we know that it didn't take three hours. I love that dirty water. (Boston you're my home!)

And there goes the timer.

I'm running!


Joy said...

I'm sorry! I hope that it clears up quickly.

Annie said...

Oy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for clear water soon {and I will stop and be extra grateful for those modern conveniences today}.

Becky said...

Holy Dinah!!! Will you have to do this through the NIGHT too? No WONDER you are requesting our presence in Lunenburg. Are you recruiting some extra runners?

Science Teacher Mommy said...


My sister came home from Disneyland in March to find her basement flooded; it had probably been that way for a few days. Insurance doesn't cover groundwater, only dams breaking and such.

She says she will always remember leaving the happiest place on earth for hell.

Wish I was there to help!

LL said...

seriously?!?! have fun with poor thing.
Hoping for clear water SOON!!!
btw. I saw your good parents this look so much like your mom, so sweet!

Yankee Girl said...

Ohhh, I hope it doesn't take 3 weeks. Love the song--one of my favorites!

Primarymary said...

Good luck with your water.

I'm ready to mail your tie and I can't find your address. Would you send it to me at please. I will go to the PO tomorrow morning before we go to Tom's.

shirlgirl said...

So sorry about the water situation. Hope it clears for you very soon. Are you good friends with your neighbors? Then you can split up and take your showeres there. Good for you having a water supply to use in the meantime.

Jo Jo said...

Wow, sorry about the price tag. Love to use timers for everything!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Can I come to your house for a drink?? The water looks mighty inviting!