Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trying new things

We have enjoyed some MARVELOUS weather here.
PERFECT for Spring Track.
Leeli is new at this sport... 
She had a track meet last week, and tried throwing discus for the first time.
She did great!
She also worked super hard at the high jump.
Trying new things means reaching outside your comfort zone.
Sometimes it's HARD.
This lady had a fantastic day at the meet.  With each jump, the bar went higher and so did her nerves... but her confidence continued to rise as well.
Leeli ended up tied for second place, but having one more miss than her competition bumped her to third.
Third place in the high jump at her very first Middle School meet!
I'd say that's pretty great.


Smilin' sunshine said...


LL said...

Good for her!

Aaron H. said...

Pretty great.

Jo Jo said...

Pretty great indeed! She's so athletic!