Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Traditionally, this means SUMMER

Memorial Day has come and gone.
Let's break out our whites and frolic in the summer sun!
Most of the country has waved their last good-bye to the school bus and are already working on their lists of things to do when boredom sets in.
Not here.
In Massachusetts, most of us HEARTY New England-ers will be waiting for the bus until sometime during the week of June 24th.  While a majority of U.S. K-12 kids are getting a good start on their poolside manners, ours will be fidgeting behind their desks for FOUR MORE WEEKS.
This is why I am grateful for the efforts of my brother, who labored to make sure the pool was open for yesterday's Memorial Day festivities.
The water was balmy (if you're part penguin) but kids don't care when it's the first plunge of the season.
Hooray for swimming!
and HOORAY! for summer barbecues.
 We still have our afternoons and evenings.


LL said...

Hooray for open pool season! And bbq's! And sun!

Aaron H. said...

What a grill fiasco!

shirlgirl said...

You came through, Aaron, that's what's important. Everything was yummy, and those burgers look GREAT!! I just had a cheeseburger with ketchup and relish--wonderful!
I can't even imagine going into that pool until it warms up!! BRRRRR!!!