Friday, May 24, 2013

at the ballet

Last night we attended the end-of-year ballet recital.
It's truly a pleasure to watch these two dance. Especially together.  For so many years I dressed them in their leotards and tights, escorted them to ballet classes and helped them get ready for recitals.  Now I just show up for the final performance.
 (What happened to those sweet toddler girls in tutus?)
 The production was The Little Mermaid.
 Mesquite and Rooney were the daughters of Triton.
 They have some impressive moves and worked hard.
 It's clear that they enjoy dancing
 I love that they love it together.


Melanie said...

Lovely! I always wished I had done dance growing up.

Jo Jo said...

Lovely is right! Wish I could be there!