Tuesday, May 21, 2013

country mice

We love the city, but we definitely live in the country.

Last night Mr. Dub had been home from work just long enough to change his clothes and squirt the hose on the patch of new grass before he came to dinner.  At the table he noticed a tick crawling up his arm.

Driving home from ballet Mesquite narrowly missed hitting a skunk in the middle of the road. (and WOW! does that stench linger no matter how far and fast you drive)  Then she turned the corner and passed the newly fertilized corn field at which point she exclaimed "Well I MUCH prefer the smell of manure to the smell of skunk."

We came home to the sound of peepers in the backyard pool which has not been opened yet.  Rooney went out to find a frog and instead started issuing a may day call from the yard.  I ran to the door to find out what the problem was, and she was bringing in the cat, scolding him for catching a baby bunny.  THAT was traumatic.
Next thing I knew, she was playing with a frog in the kitchen. And encouraging the cat NOT on probation to make friends.

I'm glad the good weather is back.  The city comes alive no matter the weather, but when the leaves come back, the country wakes up and it's a happy reunion.


Jo Jo said...

Okay, my boys are jealous! Too fun!

LL said...

This makes me smile...you guys are the country cousins.

shirlgirl said...

Yup! That's what living in the country gives you. I remember driving from my cousin's back to my aunt's in NH many years ago. The car in front of us hit a skunk--we got the brunt of the stink--it took forever to leave the car! Whew!!!