Thursday, May 30, 2013

full disclosure Thursday: there's a little rebel in me

Our life is no Mutiny on the Bounty, but there's some excitement and adventure in our past.
Mr. Dub and I went to Sanibel Island in Florida on our honeymoon.  We stayed at a resort hotel and I felt like a movie star: fancy fruity drinks at the pool and room service.  Just like the movies.  
There wasn't much down time--I'm married to a man who likes to get out there and get busy as soon as the sun gets up (and most of the time BEFORE the sun gets up).  There was a lot to see and do along the gulf coast of Florida, and we did most of it.  Except lie on the beach.  I recall about 15 minutes of sitting on a towel and digging my toes in the sand.  That was all my new husband could tolerate.  There would be no bronzing for us.  We were off exploring the everglades, spotting dolphins in the ocean, renting bicycles and being invited to join an archaeological dig.  There was tennis and a nature preserve, riding in an elevator with Barry Manilow, spotting manatees and a day at Busch Gardens.  
I remember early in the week touring the property of somebody famous.  (Some of the more important details escape me.)  It was late in the afternoon, and we were lucky enough to score tickets on the last tour. The UN-lucky part was that the gardens were already closed.  You could see the beautiful flowers and landscaping from the patio where we were standing, but there was a now forbidden path blocked by some rope barriers.  I felt slighted.  We paid for tickets and the yard portion of the property was clearly an attraction worth seeing.  I told Dub we could just hop the barrier and go see the garden on our own.  We didn't need a tour!  
I think my spontaneous, brazen approach took him a little by surprise, because he followed my lead.  I took him by the hand and we high-stepped it over the ropes.  The part I hadn't considered was that there might be security guards roaming the paths to keep rule-breakers like us from venturing where we were not wanted.  They turned us around pretty quickly and I was disappointed.  And a little mad. 
Dub?  He was ashamed like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  He didn't like it.  Not one little bit.  It was like his true self finally caught up with his newly-in-love self and he actually scolded me.  On our honeymoon!  
I forgave him a LONG time ago.  (On the law-side of the gardens)  As much as I like to think of myself as a straight shooter, Mr. Dub still keeps me from doing things like jumping over rope barriers when my inner pirate peeks out.


ellen said...

That's it?!? No arrests?!?

LL said...

Tell me you've done worse.
Please! You're just a cute little soft Pirate.

Jo Jo said...

LOL at LL! It must be a twin gene. My poor husband said...

I must admit I raised an eyebrow? Sweet Jenny? Really? You naughty girl you. ;)

shirlgirl said...

You should have shown them your paid tickets that you didn't get to use! Bet it was fun for as long as it lasted. Good for you!