Tuesday, July 3, 2012

While organizing my clothes, the thoughts just keep packing themselves into my head.

My bucket is packed.  We're trekking SOON, and all of our belongings have to fit in a five gallon bucket.  I think by the time we're done hauling our family's stuff on the first day, I'm going to be wishing that they had said a gallon paint can, instead.  By family, I'm not referring to my very own little brood... au contraire, we have to leave most of them behind, and adopt seven or eight teenagers for three days.  I will take good care of my surrogate children.  I hope my own kids will feel well taken care of and not abandoned.
There are dozens of handcarts in our front yard in two VERY large trailers.  I wonder if our neighbors think we've come into an inheritance and purchased race cars?  Maybe this very weekend we could be headed to the Indy 500.  Mr. Dub and I DO like to live on the wild side.  We'll need a good pit crew.
We haven't had a car here on the home front for a few days, so life has slowed down, which is lovely.
Today we took a hilly bike ride to the library and back.  Six miles was not too long and not too short.
Our saddles are sore, but we are blessed with a pool to fall into.
Life is GOOD.
Tonight we're dining with good friends.
Tomorrow is the Fourth.  There will be driving and eating, swimming and chatting.
Looking forward to singing and walking and playing pioneer.
Meanwhile, enjoy a few posts that I've scheduled to publish while I'm off pushing a handcart and sleeping under it at night.  Pioneers did NOT have access to the internet.  

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