Friday, July 20, 2012

the beehive trail

 Before we left Acadia, we decided to hike.
We voted unanimously on The Beehive Trail because of the "cool iron ladders and railings" embedded into the rock face of the mountain overlooking Sand Beach (as seen in the Visitor's Center movie).  We headed up the trail, and stopped abruptly at the bottom of the face of the mountain, slightly surprised at what was ahead.
 We made the decision to divide and conquer the mountain.  Half of us went straight up the face, and the other half went around the back and up The Bowl trail.
Below you can see Mr. Dub reading the trail marker.  The Beehive trail continued straight up that mountain in the background.  We spotted the little tiny hikers making their way up the face of that thing, and stood in awe.
 Don't think for a minute that the back route was a piece of cake... we all arrived equally sweaty and tired.  Some of us enjoyed a more wooded, shady trail, and some of us enjoyed terrifying views from rock ledges.
 Some of us stopped for some DELICIOUS wild Maine blueberries along the trail.
We ALL enjoyed the view from the summit.