Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Impressions

There is nothing finer than a garden-fresh tomato.  I've always thought so.
In the summer of 1988, I was freshly returned from my mission in Colombia, eager to begin my last year of college; working temporary jobs to make ends meet.
Because it was summer, the garden was in full operation.
When I was young, I remember marveling at my dad when he would slice them up fresh from the back yard, sprinkle salt and pepper on them and then eat and enjoy them like they were a fine steak.
I don't have many memories of what I packed for lunch that summer of transition, but Mr. Dub does.  He claims the first time he saw me, I was on a lunch break sitting outside the Northboro Raytheon facility, eating a tomato like it was an apple.  He claims it was love at first sight.  That's a first impression story for which I owe a great debt of gratitude to one of my dearest loves, the summer tomato.
Hail!  The first two summer tomatoes, fresh from our little garden patch.
Welcome, Friends.


Sherry said...

Our first summer of being married we lived in a basement apartment and thus had a garden on the side of the house. I ate so many tomatoes with salt and pepper (and sometimes cottage cheese too) that I got some wicked mouth ulcers. Totally worth it, though.

Happy summer!

shirlgirl said...

Oh, they look soooo good! I love tomatoes right from the garden. Nothing like them.

LL said...

I love them fresh from the garden...
BUT, I've never eaten one like an apple.
I like them sliced with cottage cheese. With fresh corn on the cob makes for my favorite summer dinner.

Alana said...

I Heart garden tomatoes. If they were more faithful in producing all year long Zach would have a run for his money.