Monday, July 16, 2012

Kayaking in Bar Harbor

 Boy, I'll tell you what.
This was definitely a summer highlight.
 There's nothing like an evening paddle in Bar Harbor.  We kayaked out around Bar Island and circled Sheep Porcupine Island until just about sundown.  Maine is amazing no matter how you experience it, but with the sun turning the ocean all sparkly, this was an extra special vantage point.
 We all paddled in tandem kayaks except Enrique, who set off solo.  Leeli was my partner, and she bent over backwards (literally) every time she wanted to talk to me, because I couldn't hear her over the sounds of the water and the breeze.
Bar Harbor, we love you so.


LL said...

PERFECT way to spend the evening--

Doran & Jody said...

Your family sure knows how to have fun!

Did you see any sharks?

Melissa Sysling said...

Fun!! Was there something wrong with Mr. Dub's kayak?!! It looked a little lopsided at the back end!! Hahahaha

Alana said...

Looks super fun and Mason is looking super big these days. Tell him to stop growing.

Jo Jo said...

I was thinking how big he looked as well, Mr. Morning, that is. Love the scruffy look by Mr. Dub. We love that place!

shirlgirl said...

Oh, what fun for everyone. I've been in a kayak once--a very small one on a small pond at Jug End in the Berkshires. Looks like everyone had a super great time. Glad you are having such a fun summer.