Monday, July 2, 2012

the $2.99 toy

Wednesday is half-off day at Salvation Army.
The girls were up and at 'em bright and early last Wednesday, ready to comb the aisles for name brands and good finds.  Mr. Morning came along, and found himself a new toy.  I really really REALLY did not want to bring it home.  Toys are not half off.  I cringe at colored plastic accessories.  I said no initially, but down in the recesses of my heart I could not finally say no to the seven year old sixth child who's mother got tired of the toy strewn house and years ago gave up on toy rooms and toy boxes.  He has grown up in a house free of toy rooms and full of teenagers.  He patiently waited while his sisters tried on their clothing selections.  I splurged on the $2.99 toy, and it has been played with almost constantly by ALL of the kids in the house.  

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Jo Jo said...

I'm laughing at you splurging on $2.99!