Friday, July 13, 2012

riding bikes

 We've been one car down since a trip to Vermont.  Sharing cars means thinking ahead.  One day, Leeli woke up and told me she had signed up to volunteer at the library.  We needed to be there in 20 minutes.  I told her we'd have to ride our bikes.  Her reply was "I guess I just won't go."
 OOooooHhhhh NO.
I'm Priscilla's daughter.  Our legs are not painted on, and we still have wheels. I felt kind of old school telling her "When I was a kid if I wanted to go somewhere, I walked or rode my bike."  It took us almost an hour to get there, but she made it.
I laughed when, as we were parking our bikes outside the library, the kids suddenly looked at each other and realized that after we were finished there, we were going to have to ride back home.  The good news?  It was almost all down hill on the return trip, so it only took us 20 minutes going back.


Jo Jo said...

Yes! That is one killer hill you guys have! What a memory. We don't have that many working bikes here, probably would have had to walk ;-)

LL said...

You're the greatest mama!
and a hot biker babe ;-)

shirlgirl said...

Great exercise, too.