Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisdom Teeth: extracted.

His new BFFs: frozen popcorn kernels
my favorite parts of his surgery experience:
-him singing tra-la-la-boom-dee-ay in the recovery room
-surgery at 8am, home by 9:30am
-hearing him say "Thank you Mom" over and over again
-having lunch together
-quiet conversations and a reason to stay home


LL said...

laughing at his recovery experience--never would have thought to use frozen kernels.

Becky said...

Sounds similar to Ben's recovery. He was enthusiastically thanking the dentist when he woke up, shaking his had and saying thank you over and over. Me? I sobbed when I woke up. :) Hope he's feeling better!

shirlgirl said...

Love the song he was singing--probably the effects from anesthesia you think? Hope he's feeling better.

Alana said...

Oh poor child. It does seem like a nice mom-moment though. I remember Zach and my sister took care of me with some frozen peas freshman year of college.

Jo Jo said...

It's a good bonding moment for sure. Doesn't look too swollen!!!