Thursday, June 30, 2011

the haircut

About a week ago, I was cutting our youngest's hair.  He was overdue, and I thought a summer buzz would be perfect.  Part way through his haircut, his dad came into the room and said "Cool buzz!" to which MB replied "What?!? A buzz?... I didn't order a buzz!"

Panic rose up in my throat for only a second, and his dad said "But buzz cuts are so great, because you hardly have to comb your hair!" and without skipping a beat, the reply came:

"But Dad.  I only comb my hair once a week anyway!"

P.S. we're ALL happy with the haircut.


LL said...

I'm on the once a week combing schedule myself this summer.
I should look into ordering a buzz ;-)

Michael Stokes said...

that is still one more day than Dub and me -ht

shirlgirl said...

Love it--now where's the picture?

Becky said...

And he looks CUTE! :)

April said...

BUZZ cuts are the best! (wish I could go a week...)