Saturday, June 4, 2011

just his presence makes my heart go all fluttery

(and I'm not the only one, apparently)
Friday Night was Senior Showcase Night.
Enrique wow'd us with A Trumpeter's Lullaby.
Don't be super-wow'd, however, by the video we were able to procure from his performance.
We were so focused on HIM, we were not focused on the fact that the memory card was full.
Just skip right to the end to hear his stellar opening stanza and then imagine, dreamily, how wonderful the rest was.  Because it was.  Trust me.


Aaron H. said...

You and Rachael should teach video classes. She was in charge of videoing my being sworn in as a selectmen. It is on the same level as Adam's video.

LL said...

I want to hear MORE! Loved what I heard :-) Nice work!!!

shirlgirl said...

Should have checked the memory card! Would love to have heard him play the entire piece. Sounds great what I heard.

Jo Jo said...

Hey! We're all excited, sitting here as a family, not reading words, and not getting the show we imagined! Rerecord!!!!