Saturday, June 25, 2011

Morning Date

Mister Dub has been on the west coast for the past two weeks.
It was SO good to have him home again!
Friday morning we left the children to fend for themselves [A date!] and went out for breakfast to a little diner.  I've driven by it many times, and noticed a big banner out front that reads "Voted Best Breakfast."  We laughed at the fine print when we got close enough to read it, which names "The Item" as the source empowered to elect this diner the best.  It was filled with mounted and stuffed animals--if I wasn't sure we were in a diner, I might have guessed we were in the dining room of a taxidermist.  Maybe the owner of the establishment likes to hunt.
 On the way to our next stop, we decided to make a pit stop at the Clinton Dam.
It's a beautiful spot with interesting history, and one of those local places that we drive by but never take the time to visit. 
 During Dub's absence I drove home from a soccer tournament on a random Saturday afternoon.  I was meandering through some little towns on back roads and noticed this fantastic spot in Berlin.  Someone had mowed a giant heart into a field on a hill, and planted two Adirondack chairs at the bottom.  I wanted to bring Dub here as soon as I could.  He liked it as much as I did.
 Really, I wanted to bring some books and a picnic and plant ourselves in those chairs for a few hours, but it was drizzly, and technically, the property didn't look like it was exactly public, so Dub volunteered to take the pictures, while I volunteered to be the trespasser.

My heart is yours, Dub.


Alana said...

LOVE it. Zach's gone for the week in Rome and I'll be glad when he's back too. Just not the same.

shirlgirl said...

What a nice way to spend your time together--a wonderful breakfast with Mr. Dub and the bear, ending up with a beautiful heart. Love it!

Whitney said...

That was so beautiful Jenny!

LL said...

You're in my old stompin' grounds.
So glad he's home, it's always fun to celebrate the return.

Jo Jo said...

I love the breakfast idea! Jarrod would love those animals. I would have loved the heart. So glad he's home.

Becky said...


April said...

I heart this post!!