Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today my dad was in Cambridge.
My excellent friend was there taking pictures for the Church News.
(Aren't they cute?)
At my church this morning, one of the Father's Day speakers did not show.
To fill some time, our bishop called a couple of people out of the congregation 
to talk about the influence of their fathers.  
My kids told me after the meeting that they were wishing the bishop had called me to talk about Grampy.
As much as I'm not fond of impromptu public speaking, I was kind of hoping I would get called too.  
I have so much good to say about the positive influence that my dad is in my life!
I feel lucky blessed.
Let me give you a recent example.
Tonight I called my dad.
He told me about his day.
He had so many positive things to say about the building dedication in Cambridge this morning.
It was a spiritual highlight that he was eager to share.
Then, when I confessed that I was calling to see if someone might be willing to meet me at the half-way point (we live 25 miles apart) to deliver sneakers gone missing in their yard from yesterday's BBQ, he didn't hesitate even one second before offering to drive, when really, he was ready to climb into bed.
He loves me that much.
He would drive the sneakers to Oklahoma if I asked; I'm sure of it.
He likes to help.
He's the best.
The end.


ellen said...

The picture before that one he was sticking out his tongue! It was nice to see your folks today. They're good people.

LL said...

You, the apple, didn't fall far from that tree!
Great people!!!

Alana said...

Dad looks happy in these pictures, I like them. I like your dad too.

shirlgirl said...

I was thinking about them yesterday wondering how your Dad would spend his Father's Day. Sounds like he celebrated on Saturday. I was also thinking about Uncle David--tough day and this was the first Father's Day without him. All the "firsts" are difficult. Glad you got the sneakers back--just another nice way to see your Dad again.

Becky said...

We are so lucky. He told me I was the only one that called to wish him a Happy Father's day yesterday (at 10pm) Either he's lying or Alzheimer's is setting in. :)

Jo Jo said...

Between your post and his email I feel like I have the full story! Thanks!