Sunday, June 5, 2011

count your many blessings

I have been feeling especially grateful.
I'm thankful that the tornado event that happened here this past week didn't cause worse loss and damage.
I am grateful that Sundays Will Come and that we can Trust in the Lord when we want to question Why?
I used some of these thoughts in my Relief Society lesson on "Hard Things" at church today.
After that, we drove home to attend an Eagle Court of Honor for a friend of Enrique's.
Then we all rushed to Ludlow to attend his Seminary Graduation.  Four years of attending early morning seminary every morning of High School is no small accomplishment.
I love that boy of mine.
And I told him so.


LL said...

I tip my hat to the youth out here...
the path they travel certainly isn't easy.
Way to go on the seminary graduation!

Darleen said...

Funny how we can live so far apart and be experiencing the same thing at the same time. We, too, went to daughter #2's seminary graduation last night--four years of early mornings. How I remember the good 'ole days of early morning seminary at the Hutchins' house (they were my favourite of all the years of seminary I had elsewhere!!!).

shirlgirl said...

Darleen, I'll bet it's because her Mom had wonderful goodies all made for the kids who attended seminary! She was always baking something--up so early in the morning. Lots of excitement at your home over the weekend with prom, graduation, concert, etc. Fun, fun, fun!!

Jo Jo said...

We just had ours as well. No easy accomplishment at all.

Becky said...

Well done son number #2. :)