Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First and LAST

Days of school.
Yes, it really was our last day today.
A full day AFTER the official first day of summer.
Happy Summer Solstice!
Living in New England has SO many perks.
Maybe our school calendar and snow days aren't at the top of the list for many of us.  Still.  Summer has ARRIVED.
 My cute little Freshman!  She was READY for High School.
She became the contact lens-wearing beautiful emerging sophomore.
She conquered Freshman Year and gave it the boot.
Her first year at the middle school, 
and now she's a seasoned veteran.
Farewell, Sixth Grade.
She's ALL OVER Seventh Grade.
Take No Prisoners, Roons.
 This one here, makes me VERY happy.
She gets the "changed the least award."
(at least on the outside)
Fourth grade was AWESOME.
Despite the fact that 5th Grade is looming in her future,
my wish is that she would stay 10 forever.
It's a very sweet age on you, Leeli.
 And then there was our favorite little guy 
who took kindergarten by storm.
 The First Grade has something
 wonderful coming their way!
GOOD-BYE School Year!!
No more homework!
No more tests!
We're rolling out the red carpet for SUMMER!


shirlgirl said...

Enjoy the summer. Looks like they had great school year and are looking forward to the next grade.

Jo Jo said...

Cute trail of memory...did you see your eldest in the background?

The Mormon Monk said...

You better tell Sarah to get good grades--I want another Whitcomb out at the Y!

Alana said...

Holy cow that's a long school year- as I'm sure your kids will agree. I echo Zach. Let's get as many of your kids out here as possible.