Monday, June 7, 2010

what's bugging you?

I was walking down the road in the early morning a few days ago, when the air was so thick with humidity, it was like breathing soup.  I'm not really a perspirerer but that day was definitely an exception to the rule.  It seemed especially buggy, too, and I was swatting at pesky mosquitoes and other flying nuisances.  At one point, I batted at something trying to bite the back of my neck, and killed whatever-it-was in the process, only to have it adhere to my sticky skin.  Ew!!  It reminded me of the day (when I was about 9) when I got in trouble for something I can't even remember, and I went out to the shed to pout.  We lived on a small farm at the time, and there were several "out buildings" to choose from.  I scrunched down on the dirt floor feeling sorry for myself, pulled my knees into my chest and sat thinking about how unjust my life was.  I must have been there at least a few minutes when I felt something tickly/itchy on my neck.  I remember being too mad to worry about an itch, so I ignored it the first couple of times.  By the third tickle, I felt so annoyed to be distracted from my woes that I flicked my hand up to scratch my neck, and caught hold of something that squished against my neck and stuck.  It was a big old nasty well-fed caterpillar.  But it snapped me right out of my pity-party and I fled the shed.

Happy Bug Season!
(And may they stay OUTside)


Sherry said...

Great story!

LL said...

wanna know what snaps me out of my pitty party....A BAT IN THE HOUSE!
bugs. bats. hate them all.
I do love fire flies. :)

Smilin' sunshine said...

Yuck! I hate bugs!

BTW, my wrod verification is GERMA, funny, because I think of bad germs when I think of bugs!

shirlgirl said...

Maybe it was a "lity" bug. My word verification is "picality".
I know what you mean when a bug gets onto you and then sticks--Yuk! Your story as a small child and the caterpillar is funny. Better put some of that bug stuff on when you meander out for your walk. OFF has wipes that would be very easy to use.

Doran & Jody said...

Oh ICK! I can't even get a tissue and squish a spider with my fingers. I have to wrap it up tight and step on it but not hard enough to snap. Oh...gross!!! Then flush the critter.

I can't image smashing a "callapillar" on my neck.

AND can you imagine how many spiders we have eaten while we sleep? Just sayin'

Yvonne said...

One of the reasons I think cold winters aren't so bad--NO BUGS.

BTW, I love the picture at the bottom of your blog of your whole family--so cute.

I wanted to stop by to see how all the preparations are going for your Elder.

Jo Jo said...

Don't forget to share the worm story you found in the apple!