Friday, June 25, 2010

pearly WHITES

I was tucking in children tonight, and as I stopped at my daughter's bedside, I recalled seeing her smile last night at the piano recital, and thinking  WOW!  I remembered wanting to tell her so.
Her smile looked so dy-na-mite!  It was white and shiny and so clean looking.  She and I have been talking about how to have whiter smiles, and of course BRUSHING is at the top of the list... she sometimes goes to bed without brushing, because she's "too tired."
It's something we're working on.
So I compliment her, and tell her NICE JOB!
And she starts laughing.
I'm thinking what?!...
And she says
"Yea, I was feeling guilty last night, because I went to the piano recital without brushing my teeth."
And she laughed some more.
I scratched my head.
good grief NIGHT.
(don't forget to brush!)


Jo Jo said...

Funny Miss Fluoride!

LL said...

maybe the ivory keys made her teeth look extra white?! :)

shirlgirl said...

Take care of those pearly whites!! Important to brush in the morning and at night and in between if you think about it. You want to keep that pretty white smile!

Becky said...

DOH! That's embarrassing. :) (kinda like when your cell phone goes off in the middle of Stake Conference) Just sayin'...

Jenny said...

DOH! ...anyone want to sit next to me in church tomorrow? (My cell phone has been grounded from church)

Doran & Jody said...

LOL on the teeth and double LOL on the phone.

My sister-in-law forgot to turn her phone off in her purse during Stake Conference and her phone went off HIGH volume and the ring tone was like the Lone to the races right before the opening prayer. And to make matters worse her purse is bottomless and she couldn't find it. The guy saying the prayer made a funny comment about it.