Sunday, June 20, 2010


“In order to strengthen the father in the home,

I make two simple suggestions:

First, sustain and respect the father in his position;

Second, give him love, understanding, and some appreciation for his efforts. . . .

“In terms of giving fathers love and understanding,

it should be remembered that fathers also have times of insecurity and doubt.

Everyone knows fathers make mistakes—especially they themselves.

Fathers need all the help they can get;

mostly they need love, support, and understanding from their own.”

James E. Faust
(and thanks to LL)


LL said...

From what I know of Mr. Dub, you guys are blessed with a pretty awesome dad! (especially on Sundays) ;-)

Becky said...

He makes me LAUGH! :) He's a good daddy. My favorite quote of the weekend? "What?!? I'm just celebrating with my brother's in China!" (as he's eating the forbidden cookies.) Good times with Uncle R!

Doran & Jody said...

Great post!

I think there are a lot of times that we feel that DAD can fix or solve anything and therefore puts pressure on him. This is a good reminder that if he CAN'T fix it or solve it, he is just human.

I am so glad that I am married to my BEST friend!