Thursday, June 17, 2010

the theme is FAREWELL:

Farewell to 8th grade.  And middle school!

Farewell to nasty carpet.
Farewell to the sectional of cat hair and hidden diseases.
Farewell to preschool!
(he thought the ride on the big yellow bus came the very next day)
I'm glad we get to enjoy this salty sailor until kindergarten in the Fall.
Farewell to 5th grade.  Farewell to Elementary School!
Farewell to 3rd grade.  In a Revolutionary Style.
We are DONE.  Finals are over.  Early morning seminary is a thing of the past.  College is behind us.  WHAT a year!!
School is OUT.
Not a single one of these farewells brought me to tears.
Bring on the next great thing!
Bring on SUMMER!!


Smilin' sunshine said...


Janssen said...

What a lovely bunch of things to celebrate! Hello summer!

LL said...

BRING IT! (summer that is)

Aaron H. said...

i LOVE dumpsters!

Jo Jo said...

old sectionals and carpet were my favorite!

Becky said...

That will be ME on Monday. (sigh) It was awfully painful to get up this morning. I'm SO ready for summer break. Love the hidden diseases sectional. Good riddance.

shirlgirl said...

I dont even remember that chair! Love all the pictures, especially that cute little sailor. In one picture, he looks alot like the princess.