Saturday, June 19, 2010

thinking about dads

Mr. W. is out of town this morning; camping and hiking with the boys scouts.  Of course behind the scenes, we're making big plans for Father's Day tomorrow: what to make for breakfast, what his favorite foods are, coloring posters and cards and planning the treats.  As the kids are creating together around the table, I'm listening to them talk about the traits of their father.

Dads are loving.

Dads are kissy.

Dads are helpful (and then they want kisses).

Dads are thoughtful, hard-working, handsome, funny and strong.

Dads are valiant, said one child.  Then another one wanted to know what that meant.

It means choosing the right, and being brave.  It means being a good example.  Dad is a good example.

Then the youngest protested.  "Not our dad," he said.

I jumped right in:  "What do you mean?  Dad's always a good example."

Yeah, he said, but only on Sundays.


shirlgirl said...

Mr. Morning is too funny for words! Dub ought to get a few laughs out of that statement. Hope he has a wonderful Father's Day.

The Mormon Monk said...

Ha! I don't think so--The Dub is ALWAYS a good example to me!

LL said...

our dad is the same. best example on Sunday :)
good stuff over there!

Doran & Jody said...


Becky said...

Out of the mouth of babes. Good stuff. :)

Jo Jo said...

Funny five year old.