Monday, January 18, 2010

snow, snow and nowhere to go

Thank you, Martin Luther King, for giving us the day off.
And thank you, snowstorm, for giving the dentist a reason to cancel our 9am cleanings.
Thank you, pantry, for yielding breakfast, lunch and dinner, when today was supposed to be shopping day.

Thank you, big name doctors, lawyers, educators, Pat Boone, Scott Brown and all of you other important people for making ME feel important by calling me at least a dozen times today, to tell me to get out there and vote tomorrow.  I'm on it.

Thank you, UPS man, and fun friend, for delivering a surprise package in the form of a CD! (for me!)

rodrigo y gabriela

(Eleven pieces paying tribute to eleven artists, who inspired them...)
I LOVE it!!

And finally, thank you, blogging friends, for helping me celebrate my 500th post!


Becky said...

WHOOT, WHOOT! :) And you're welcome. xoxo

Smilin' sunshine said...

Nice! Happy bloggiversary!

Janssen said...

500! You look so good! :)

ellen said...

500?!? Wow! That's great. Keep on bloggin'.

Jo Jo said...

Hey, I just reached 400! Love that you had enough food and it was shopping day.

Macy said...

Wow! Pat Boone? I might not have been quite so annoyed by all the phone calls if Pat Boone had called me. I did have a message from Curt Shilling. Along with 7 other messages from Scott Brown. (I'm very excited this will all be over tomorrow.)

Cynthia said...

Happy 500th! I LOVE reading your posts! Here's to the next 500!!!

P.S. Because I still have a Mass. cell phone number, even I have gotten a call about voting! Since I have a lived across the country for 2-plus years, I won't be participating.

mckell.b.p.55 said...

You're the one that stole all our snow! :) Well, happy 500th! Time flies, doesn't it?

LL said...

Happy 500. Happy you've blessed us with 500. THANKS!
Here's to 500 more--and then some.

rad6 said...

What... your 500th post and my FIRST visit to your blog...
Oh boy do I ever have some catching up to do.
I am SOOOOOOO excited to keep up with you more than a Christmas card. I added your blog, to my "check-as-often-as-possible" list!!! Yahoo...
Love your card. Love seeing your family. Love you... You are awesome. Everytime I hear from you it puts a smile on my face!!! That Adam is DANG cute and just the right age, tell him I have a date lined up for him!! :)
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