Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A great day for an adventure

The phone rang at 7:30 this morning.
"GOOD morning!" I said.
The voice on the other end didn't sound so good.
Turns out my sweet little nephew needed a bed in the PICU, and Dartmouth was full.
SO, Boston became the next best option.
"If you're going to be sick, THANK you for choosing a hospital in MY neck of the woods!"
I said.
We saw the girls to the school bus, and we packed up for a day in the city.
Which, of course, meant a ride on the TRAIN!

AND--the next best mode of transport: the ESCALATOR!
This baby's FIVE stories high.
(We parked on the roof)

The little patient was resting comfortably when we arrived

so cartoons were pretty great on a personal-sized TV...

Just as good as visiting a cousin in the city, is the train ride back to the country.

Get Well SOON little buddy!


Joy said...

Now I call that an adventure!

LL said...

You guys are good country cousins!!!
I'm wanting to swing by since she's "in the area"
Glad to see Ben resting comfortably...how was Ben's mom?

Becky said...

you should! It would lift her spirits. Ben's mom was sporting some nice soft jammies and looking tired. I hope she napped...

Jenny said...

Oh dear--I was guest-posting for Becky, and forgot to log-out! That was me... seconding the motion here, that you should venture away from the farm and visit the city!

Jo Jo said...

Laughing about the city mice and country mice. Does look like an adventure, though, getting to the hospital.

Becky said...

THANKS for coming! I knew I could count on you. THANK you especially for the flip flops so that my feet do NOT have to touch the shower floors. My anxiety thanks you. xoxo

Marilyn said...

Hope Ben is ok. I love the T and going to the city.

Mc Allen said...

aww, I thought it was touching & the pics are so cute! What a sweet post! LA

Swimmingmom said...

How neat to find the good things along the way! Hope he is doing ok.