Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my sheets are in the wash

I'm looking forward to a nice fresh-smelling bed tonight.
NOW. If I could get my shoulder to stop infringing on my choice of sleeping positions;
AND. If I could get my teenager to realize that just because he's wearing his sweet SkullCandy headphones and is in his room with his door shut, I can still hear him laugh (at whatever he's listening to) and I jump everytime he shoots his nerf gun and chucks something off his desk or bed and into the wall.

ALSO. If my youngest would stop running full-tilt into my bed at about 2am, and then need me to escort him back into his bed an hour later, and then before I can blink it's 4:30am and my good Mr. Dub is whistling his happy tune and off to workout... and then it's time to drive to seminary and start all over again. Man! If all of these things didn't synchronize so regularly and predictably, I might actually feel a fraction of a bit more cheery in the morning. And THAT, I'm fairly certain, is why breakfast dessert is so important to me.

On a side note: The girls missed the bus this morning.
THAT's always good for an adrenaline rush and a jump start.
Truth be told, I'm just looking forward to embracing my bed. I might not wait until tonight.
But I might. It's a GREAT day!


Becky said...'s totally over rated. :(

LL said...

Our nights sound VERY similar.
Skull candy, nerf guns, youngest running into my bed....Farmer is not happily whistling at 4:30am. YOWZERS, that's EARLY!
Sweet Dreams.

Jo Jo said...

I hear you on the interruptions! Besides the night terrorizing Sawyer, bathroom needing Ranger, and Don't want to sleep in the crib Miller, now we have nocturnal wheel running hamster.

LL said...

"nocturnal wheel running hamster"