Saturday, January 2, 2010

Boys and their TOYS

Mr. Dub is a man who yearns for the SIMPLE life.
give him the basics, and he's a HAPPY man.

the basics:
some PVC pipe
and a bag of potatoes

Happy Boys with simple toys.

So far, it's a HAPPY New Year.


LL said...

all we have over here are the marshmallow shooters. My boys have no idea what they're missing out on.

Becky said...

LAUGHING! Loved watching Rog. Jr's reaction. Glad they accomplished their mission. :)

Aaron H. said...

i want one.

shirlgirl said...

That looks like fun--where did he ever come up with that idea?

Marilyn said...

I am still confused about how he did that, but it was quite amazing. Leave it to an engineer!

Jo Jo said...

My boys have watched it twenty times. Their favorite part? Besides the potato bomb? Listening to the reactions!

Yankee Girl said...