Thursday, January 14, 2010


That's my word for today.
Seriously.  I was accomplishing good things.
Even after I took a BAD fall on the ice in my driveway this morning.
I wondered how funny it would have looked on camera--falls are always good for a laugh;
in a sick, mean-spirited sort of way.  But nobody saw,
so I tried to imagine it, and it made me feel better (kind of). 
I went about fixing things, and feeling rather super-heroish
(as much as a taxi-mom can)
and actually decided to make a list while I was sitting in the waiting room at the orthodontist.
BEHOLD-My list-that I've retrieved from my fashionable RED handbag-:

10 Reasons to Smile
1.  Dub called
2.  It's sunny and above 32 degrees farenheight
3.  I fell on ice in the driveway and I must be part cartoon!
(A pretty hard bounce and nothing's hurt)
4.  The memory of my ColdStone treat from yesterday lingers
5.  It's staying light longer each afternoon
6.  Morning Boy is getting better
7.  There are NO dishes in the sink
8.  We've resolved the problem of lost retainer and missing glasses
9.  It's almost Friday
10.We're going to do the burger taste test at lunch today--Wendy's, Burger King or McDonald's?

Really!  That was my honest-to-goodness list of reasons to smile.  And I went about the next few hours feeling good.  (And MY burger won)
Then I sat down to teach a piano lesson, and as I bent over to pick up a piece of music, my wrist started throbbing, and I felt sharp pains, that gradually intensified over the next hour, leaving me both stunned and submissive.
Long story short:  My good neighbor chauffered me to urgent care while the kids were fending for themselves at home, watching lots of tv, eating grilled cheese sandwiches made from cheap white bread and basically enjoying the sloth and indulgence of a mother-less existence.  Maybe a sprain, maybe cracked; a visit to the orthopedist will tell.  My wrist is splinted, it still hurts like the dickens, and my thoughts keep going back to number three.  I'm really NOT part cartoon! 
But I'm animated.


Sherry said...

Maybe having an injured wrist is the perfect excuse to plop on the couch and have the kids wait on you? I hope your wrist is okay, though.

When I was 11 I broke my wrist on a Friday night, but I didn't know it was broken until Monday because the fracture was so minor. On the up-side, I only had a cast for three weeks! I hope that yours is just badly bruised and you won't need any treatment at all! (Besides ice and being waited upon. :))

The Mormon Monk said...

Love this post, Jenny. One of the best things you've ever written; it's got unity, a coherent plot/storyline complete with climax, a cliffhanger, funnies... just a masterpiece. You have a gift, sister!

Oh, and get better. I mean this last part; but methinks a good compliment will do more for you than sincere well wishes from 800 miles away.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Even when you are hurt and things aren't going the best, you always have such a great attitude! That is one thing I admire about you! Hope the wrist feels better soon!!

Becky said...

oh JENNY! Really? Why can't we be neighbors during times like these. Sorry that your wrist is hurting that why you were up SO late last night? xoxo

Jo Jo said...

You're not trying to catch up to me in the broken bone category, are you? Ditto with Uncle Zach. Get better fast. And know, you're not a cartoon. But be careful out there wonder woman.

Macy said...

I'm so sorry about your wrist. But grateful for your example to find things to be happy about regardless. And I'm glad your burger won. :)

And isn't it nice to not have dishes in the sink? I've had three 10 point days and one 9 point day this week, and the thing I can't get over is how much I am relieved to not have dishes in the sink.

LL said...

hurt wrist=NOT GOOD!
cold stone + 9 other things to be thankful for= HAPPINESS.
Hope the wrist heals quickly!

ellen said...


Janssen said...

Oh dear. Hope you heal quickly!

Doesn't cold stone make life lovely? I miss the three years in high school I worked there and had a constant stash in my freezer.

Swimmingmom said...

You're cute. What a good post. Sorry about your wrist. I love that you were able to find good things in the day. Not always an easy feat!

Darleen said...

You are such an incredible story teller. You really should consider writing a novel! After reading your post I have decided to be productive at the many orthodontist appointments. Thanks for the inspiration.