Monday, June 15, 2009

Why we miss Dad When He's Away

by Mr. Dub's chitlins and his side-kick

1. You weren't here for the annual opening of/first swim in the pool. :(
2. I miss being called Roonie, Angel Girl and My Swedish Princess.
3. Nobody else makes up goofy words.
4. You're not here to help me with my soccer skillz.
5. No wrestling competitions!
6. Mom has too much to do.
7. No waiting for you to come home (at night).
8. We miss your burnt food.
9. Family Home "Eating" just isn't the same without you.
10. Because he doesn't like to go to bed alone.
11. Someone always leaves the lights on.
12. Because he's not there to tell you to think positively.
13. Because he's not there to talk about how the day went.
14. I miss his help.
15. I miss snuggling with him!
16. I miss going on dates with him and building in the basement with him!
17. Because he takes the time to cut celery and carrot sticks and leave them in the fridge for healthy snacking.
18. I miss not working in the basement with him.
19. Mom's just not as cheerful in the morning.
20. We LOVE him.


ellen said...

He will surely smile when he reads this. He does read your blog, doesn't he?!?

shirlgirl said...

Awwwww! These are all the reasons for him to love each and every one of you even more while he is away.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

On a great list, #19 is the one when I yelled "Amen Sister!"

LL said...

Jen you MUST be cheerful in the AM hours :) You can't let the hubby out cheer you!
Hurry Home Mr. W!

rebecca said...


Whitney Johnson said...

It's really the little things, isn't it?

What a wonderful pre-Father's Day Tribute.

Maybe frame and hang as gift?

Jo Jo said...

I'm sorry he's traveling so much. The homecoming is always so sweet. We're looking forward to ours as well.