Wednesday, June 24, 2009

even without sun

we ate plump and zesty radish in our salad


Anonymous said...

Good looking radish.
Are the children eating them?
They can be tangy.
Saturday we had pickled white Japanese radishes...yummy.
With all this rain all the other seeds will be coming right along.
I love that you love gardening also.

LL said...

SUCCESS!!! nice work~

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful radish! I like them in my salad or sometimes just plain with salt. I tried to grow some one year in a window box. It didn't work. I've planted beets in a large window box--they've sprouted. Now all they have to do is grow. Hope we'll have sun soon. My pole beans, which are in a container, are sprouting very well also. Love spring (without all this rain) and summer (if we ever have one) and watch the flowers flourish. Hope you are feeling better.

Jo Jo said...

Nice looking radish! It's so wet and cold I can't believe anything can grow.

smart mama said...

gorgeous- that is a garden miracle-if you like radishes i got a hot tip this weekend at party from some women who own a farm in douglas that grows for a CSA/farmers market they said the best thing ever is easter egg radishes? and for lettuce green deertongue and bronze minionette?(I think form fedco or seed savers)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love garden food, but I'm not really a fan of radishes. It is the prettiest picture of a radish I've ever seen however.