Friday, June 26, 2009

tie one on

Because YOU are the lucky winner of the very stylish and tres chic Apron from! My very best blogging supporter and I put all names on cards and plucked one at random. Ironically, I think you were the president of the frequent recipe submission club anyway. Thanks for all the delish summer dinner idea-ers. And when we get together to try out one of those recipes, let's be twinners in our muy fabuloso aprons, okay?


shirlgirl said...

Wow!! Was I ever surprised to see my name as the winner of the very chic apron!! I will be thrilled to add it to my collection of aprons. As I mentioned, I LOVE aprons!! Thanks. We'll have to get together when we get back from Pittsburgh and New Hampshire. Looks like that might be the end of July, and before I go to Maine for a week. Gosh the summer is gone before it starts. Thanks, and I love the model!!

LL said...

cute apron...CUTE model :)