Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...take a deep breath...

It's time for your friendly mid-week vehicle maintenance reminder.
You're welcome.
...did you know your vehicle has a cabin air filter?
Did you also know that it's a good idea
to change it from time to time?
Recently we had the idea that it might be good to check it.
Good thing we did.
Because here's what we found:
Mmmmmm. (breathing deeply)
Made my lungs feel all fresh and pure.
Breathing through rodent nests.
The next best thing to living in one.


Aaron H. said...

Mercy. I'm checking mine!

Becky said...

WHOA - Seriously?

shirlgirl said...

Never knew that. I always depend on the dealer to handle that stuff when I take it in for oil change. I'll have to do that when I take it in before the end of the month. Thanks, Jen

Jo Jo said...

Okay, maybe that's why Jarrod's A/C stinks!

Anonymous said...

Ok we're all ignorant?
send this one to dad...I'm sure he has no clue.