Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another birth-day in the house

Do you call it SWEET 16 when you're a guy?Or do you just say "Sweet! I'm 16."
On New Year's eve, he carried his trumpet, his scriptures, and his AP History study guide around the house barefoot, in the snow. Some serious goals for '09.

He also has mad sewing skillz, as he made his mom a cozy fleece hat and scarf.
He's active in most musical ensembles at the HS, including accappella.

And he's a very fashionable dresser.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man of the day.


ellen said...

Happy Sweet 16! You look like you could be brother and sister! :)

mckell.b.p.55 said...

What??! 16 already??? That's not possible. And he's not allowed to take AP US History; he's only a sophomore! :) That is strictly against the law!(well, MY law,anyway.....)

shirlgirl said...

Oops!! Haven't looked at my calendar book I carry around so I don't forget birthdays. Hope it was a happy one, Adam. I can't believe you are 16. When did that happen? Love from us both. Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

Jo Jo said...

Happy Birthday Adam. It snuck up on me too. Very cool that you're 16. Tanner has yet to go on his first date. Wish I could see your play.

cynthia said...

With love from Sis. P.

Becky said...

I'd give him a BIG WET ONE - that's my gift to all my nieces and nephews this year - but I'm too far away. Will you do it for me? ;)

Anonymous said...

And wow, I hadn't noticed how much Adam looks like you Jenny until I saw you together. Cool! And Happy Birthday. 16 is a momentous moment.