Thursday, April 23, 2009

gone awry

Found a note on family room floor.
I opened note.

Discovered it was a note from teenage girl.

Teenage girl was expressing sentiment to MY teenage boy.
(note: initial mother bear thoughts entered my head)

In a most loving and (what I thought was) humorous retort
I sketched some words of wisdom coming from speech bubbles attached to stick figures.

Things like "beware!" and "Lock Your Heart"

I also put multiple red circles with slashes through them over things that had been drawn or written in note.

Then I entered teenage boy cave, left note on bed and added noticeable blue arrows to a "proof" that was already hanging on boy-cave bulletin board.

Next morning I found note, proof and arrows crumpled up on boy cave's floor.

My question: Did you not find my response humorous?

Boy: NO.
Note to self: Next time you try to intervene with humor, think red circle with slash.


Jo Jo said...

I thought you handled that quite brilliantly. Sorry the teenager didn't agree. That's the challenge: finding common ground with them.

The Mormon Monk said...


I LOVE it. Adam should have too. Maybe you should skip ahead in your family BOM reading to Alma 39. Verses 1-5 should do the trick. (but maybe a retrospective on Jacob 6:12 wouldn't hurt either). At any rate, I, the girl-less wonder in high school, did pretty well for myself in college, once acceptable choices were present. Perspective is a hard thing to acquire before a mission but also the most needful!

Sherry said...

I love it! And I think it's funny. Maybe I will do my own version for my nearly-18-year-old brother-in-law. His mom, at least, would appreciate it.

Sarah said...

Oh Mom

Michael Stokes said...

It appears Sarah is supporting Adam or just gathering information for future needs.

Sarah, you need not fear. Your father and HT will ensure any male is maded to feel ... fully vetted and persecuted :-)


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I think it is very funny. I love a math-mamma. He will ask you for a copy of it when he has a teen of his own. Make sure that you make one. ;)

Janssen said...

That is VERY funny. Well done, even if he didn't appreciate it.

Christy said...

Glad I have a few years yet!
Good thinking though, I found it funny...but I am in the mom category so that doesn't count.
Girls aren't all evil right?
Boy's seem scarier to me!

Harlene said...

What a great intro to your family too my dear! I'm glad you introduced yourself, I needed a new friend today!