Tuesday, April 7, 2009

photo montage of conference weekend

It was a two-day feast. Eight hours of counsel and inspiration. I love the home-i-ness of conference weekend.
I love watching my kids while they watch conference.
I love the togetherness.
I love the introspection and thought.
And I love that twice a year we can have Sunday brunch as a family.


shirlgirl said...

Great pictures and serious moments, especially Mr. M. The talks probably made him tired or he lost interest in the first five minutes. Loved the breakfast picture. Now I'm going to eat mine, as my tummy is talking to me. I'm sure the conference was a wonderful learning experience for everyone.

Jo Jo said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Wish Miller would have slept at least once!

Jane said...

Love conference! Love your pictures, you have such a darling family!

priscilla said...

Now that is the best of life!!

Becky said...

JEALOUS! It's not quite the same sitting in a hospital room...there's always the fall. (sigh) Cute pictures!

Marilyn said...

Great pictures!