Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let the LOVE-FEST begin!


January has blown a shivery kiss good-bye, and moved into the past.

...and the month of LOVE has begun.

Let me start by giving a shout-out to SmartMama, the inspiration behind the theme of the next two weeks. And as a tribute to that fat, naked baby who shoots arrows of love all around,
let me profess my love for YOU.
I love that you visit my blog (even if you don't comment).
I love knowing that I have friends in cyber space.
I also love a challenge.
So I will be professing my love for those closest to me in clever ways for the next two weeks...
and YOU can help!
Just leave me a comment.
Tell me: What is your favorite way to say 'I Love You?'


Aaron H. said...

Love without works, is dead.

Becky said...

happy LOVE month to you too, my always creative sister. i always loved (as a child) getting little love notes from you and the ways you made holidays more fun. service - service is a great way to show love. i'm ON it. :)

LL said...

let the love games begin!

Jo Jo said...

I'm in on the service too. I know there about five languages of love, and I know mine is service (versus gift giving, words of appreciation, spending time, or physical touch - hugs).

smart mama said...

I love funny gifts that make me laugh--

Let the love fest begin--
I can't wait to give out prizes!!

Jared said...

I love Pricilla Hutchins! She's one tough bird who tells it as it is while at the same time letting you know you're loved and appreciated. Rare talent indeed. She did OK with her kids too.

Darleen said...

Nothing says love like warm,cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven on a cold winter day (plenty of those) shared with family and friends.

shirlgirl said...

Love is cooking a nice meal for Uncle David. I made a special dinner for New Year's Eve--Shrimp cocktail, lobster pie, string beans, sparkling cider, and wonderful homemade apple pie! Tonight it is a yummy pot roast with mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and salad. It always pleases me when he says, "Nice meal".

shirlgirl said...

Dinner last night was wonderful and as predicted, Uncle David said, "Nice meal."

Sarah said...

I would like to say my mom has been confessing her love to all of her children who found a chocolate on their pillow with a lovely note!