Monday, February 2, 2009

keeping love REAL (minty)

Let me be honest with you.
My least favorite part of yesterday was the part when I actually yelled. At my kids. More than once. On a SUNDAY! And on the kick-off day of the month of love. And when I set a goal to be professing love.
I did NOT feel good. The 'why' isn't the issue.
But I'm better. I'm SO so so not perfect. But I recognize that we get back up, wipe ourselves off, and try again. So here's my [well, one of them] favorite part of the day:
But let me preface it by saying that I am no longer in control of how and when our children show up to church. I'm on the early morning meeting circuit, and spouseman is in charge on the homefront. Which has actually been really good in so many ways. Because they all arrive BEFORE the opening song and prayer and announcements. Unlike when I was doing the Sunday morning homefront thing, and spouseman was smiling very friendly-like down at us from the stand. But my only real complaint has been the fact that the teeth brushing police have been on vacation on most Sunday mornings. And when the kids squeeze in next to me and say good morning, I'm wanting to de-fog the area with anti-morning-breath crest-in-a-can. So in the back of my mind, I've been thinking for a few months that there are a few things we could try to do about this problem. Except I usually don't think about it until someone says 'hhhhhhheeeeeelllllllloooooooo mom,' in a turtle-y breath sort of way on Sunday morning. Except this once. And I realize that was a VERY long preface, but here comes the favorite part I was leading up to:
Sitting on the pew in the chapel, eight people in a row, listening to some amazing testimonies. (And they really were incredible. There is never a shortage of people who stand up. Never an awkward pause of ANY kind in our ward on testimony Sunday... more like a run on the mike. And yesterday it was good spiritual feasting.) Usually right after the sacrament, my kids start foraging through my bag, looking for gum, mints, goodies like that. So yesterday I was ready. I emptied my bag. Of ALL minty goodness. Right after sacrament, when the urge to freshen the mouths began, I waited until almost everyone was looking, quietly poking me, silenty mouthing "GUM?" and pointing to my purse. Then I reached into my other bag, the RS full-of-important papers-and-hand-outs-and-manuals-bag and started handing out new packs of assorted gums all pre-pasted with pink sticky notes on them that said 'I (heart) your minty fresh breath!' Gum for everyone. (Except for the child who is VERY much anti-gum at all... He'll get something later.) It was quietly cute. I liked the surprise in their expressions.
(And I really DID enjoy their fresh breath!)
LOVE, me.


Aaron H. said...

I (heart) RS moms.

Michael Stokes said...

Love comes in all forms ... even at higher decibels

Becky said...

very cute gave me a good laugh this morning. ;)

Jo Jo said...

I thought for sure it was their toothbrushes and toothpaste. Very clever.

LL said...

SO SO CUTE! and I can just see their faces, my kids would be thrilled. What is it with church and the NEED for gum, my kids can go through a pack just during sacrament meeting.
Fun idea!!

Jane said...

You are so clever, love it!

Happy Love month.

shirlgirl said...

Love your cleverness, Jenny. Now for the "aunt" in me to pass on to the children about brushing teeth--if they want to keep their teeth, then they should be brushing in the morning and at night before bed anyway and also using floss. If they want to end up with gingivitis--inflamed gums--and then have to have gum surgery, they'll wish they did. I had to have gum surgery in 1980 of my entire mouth. I was very diligent about brushing but not the flossing. Not a day goes by that I don't floss and use those small dental brushes for inbetween my teeth to get out what the flossing doesn't. Unfortunately I lost three teeth from an accident but now have dental implants and have to be even more studious in my dental health. The dental tech told me that she wished all her patients' teeth were as clean as mine and gums as healthy. So, to all of the children, it pays to brush, floss, and take care of your teeth if you want to hold on to them! Sending lots of love to you. Aunt Shirley

Swimmingmom said...

What a cute idea,you're so funny! I really appreciate your beginning when you mention that we get back up and brush ourselves off, trying again. I needed to hear that today (and yesterday!) It's so hard to be perfect, isn't it? Thankfully we have the atonement!

Sarah said...

I loved my OWN pack of gum!!!!
So minty and soo fresh!

smart mama said...

oh I love your creativity my friend
you get a great fresh take on love

Anonymous said...


thanks for the gum! who wouldn't like watermelon splash? p.s. thanks for the note. Who doesn't like a little sunshine in your day!