Friday, February 27, 2009

May Day

my ship is sinking... I'm following counsel and 'staying IN the boat.'
But we're taking on water:
(ie fevers, coughs, mountains of laundry, dirty dishes, sleep deprivation, sticky floors, RS lesson to prepare for Sunday, school projects, no husband until late Saturday, no motivation.)
Cranky reigns.
Stability level: dangerous
Where's the Calgon when you need it most?


ellen said...

Find couch and bon bons fast!

Smilin' sunshine said...

I feel ya! Chocolate sometimes helps! 1-800-477-MAID!

Just kidding, I don't think that is a real number!

Yankee Girl said...

So very sorry. Hope things look up soon.

Jo Jo said...

Chocolate is a quick cure! Sleep is next, and getting up in the morning to start over always helps!

Michael Stokes said...

your HT is only a phone call away :-)

the Lord does provide

shirlgirl said...

Time to take a breather for yourself. Also time to have the older children pitch in to help you out. You can't be expected to do it all yourself. Have a chocolate or two!!

Becky said...

Do you need me? I seriously will come help tomorrow if you need me!!! CALL! :)

Jenny said...

Thanks, guys--I'm/we're fine, actually. I spent the afternoon walking in circles and drooling, and now I'm BACK. ipod's on and I can see the floor in the majority of my house, so I've made progress. Now before I get too excited, I'm going to pull up the couch (thanks, Ellen--fabulous suggestion) and finish my book. I searched desperately through the house, Sunshine, (which inspired some of the cleaning of the mountains) for chocolate, but alas came up empty handed. So I guarantee that one of my errands tomorrow will involved some sort of re-stocking of that important element in achieving my happy place.
Bailing! Buckets-o-water and we're gonna make it.
Feelin' the love Yankee Girl--gracias. Sleeping in is top on my list of to-do's tomorrow, Jo Jo. And thanks, HT. I've got your number. Shirlgirl. Instead of asking the older kids to pitch in, I'm considering pitching them out, then maybe I'd get more done. No, Becky, do not come--virus city, and I don't want poor Ben exposed, even if it's second hand.

ChefTom said...

sometimes when there is so much that you walk in circles and drool, the best thing to do is delegate. I know that is not a word you are too familiar with, but it works.

T.E.A.M. = Together everyone achieve more

Anonymous said...

Jen, loved it. I remember those days, but no one knew what I was experiencing.
Yesterday I really cranked the country music and it was amazing what energy it gave me.
Zach was amazed. He had never seen me dance like that.
It was great..
Dad are going to deflate. I said you are right...but I kept much to be done...Went to bed at midnight after coming home from a party...then having to alter 2
pair of pants...because we had to get up at 5 am to return to temple.
Mason is the best.