Sunday, February 8, 2009

For the love of culture.

I can't get enough. It was an entire weekend of cultural LOVE!

Thursday night past, I wrangled the hubster and four of the six cubs and we took on the Art Museum. A fabulous night. Upon entering the foyer, M became entranced by a painting on the side wall. I was busy chatting with the docier, and the rest were deciding whether or not to shed their outer layers, as it was a v-v-v-ery chilly eve. He tried a few times in vain to get my attention quietly, as we had spent a few days discussing museum manners and soft-speak. Finally, he tugged on my coat in an excitedly violent way and whispered to the border of loud, "Mom! (pointing to painting) That's ME!" And he was right. A beautiful painting by Eleanor Norcross, titled 'portrait of boy' painted sometime between the late 1800's and the early 1900's was like a mirror image of that boy of ours. I'm going to have to sneak my camera back in there and take a shot, because I've searched in vain on the internet to find this painting. It was a great jump-start to a wonderful evening of sculpture, paintings, photographs and an amazing Egyptian gallery. LOVEd it.

Friday night, we treated ourselves to Chinese Food. With chopsticks. In honor of son #1 going off to experience another culture. In our house, we're giddy with excitement when that kind of cultural love comes knocking.

Saturday after a memorial service (isn't that a form of culture, too?) I escaped my world for a couple of hours and immersed myself in the American culture of shopping. With my mom. Mmmmm.
Sunday morning is a cultural ritual we're all comfortable with.
Off to church, and refilling the spiritual lamps.
This afternoon, I rushed everyone out the door from church, so that I could fly to the local library's free cultural offering of 'Sharq' music.
It was an amazing musical and educational performance about ancient Arabic and Egyptian music. I could only convince one child to accompany me, but it was a perfect cultural date. LOVE the cultural experiences. In all forms. And I LOVE to share them with others.


Becky said...

I'm lost me at shopping with mom - WHAT? HUH? Tell me more! Fun cultural stuff.

ellen said...

I'm teaching a parenting class this week (don't laugh) about fun things to do in Boston. Sounds like I should hire you as my sidekick!

smart mama said...

I actually love arabic music- It comes from living in turkey and spending time in egypt and morocco- Nothing reminds me more of taxi rides- my kids love the putamayo arabic groove collection