Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's a double word bonus

It's also the topic of my sacrament meeting talk next Sunday.
Any thoughts?


Michael Stokes said...

Don't spend what you don't have.

Debt is the Great Satin

Wealth is not a higher limited on a credit card.

Anyone can get out of debt

Jo Jo said...

One of the best stories is us having to save mom's food storage from the flood in the food cellar. We were up for it until we realized we'd be swimming with the frogs. Then she bribed us with half a popsicle and we were game.

priscilla said...

Don't forget to provide for heat and electricity (stove, generator)
People can get stoves 2nd hand.
Bill Ence is in process of doing that.

Becky said...

remember the 3 freezer/fridge beasts she had in the kitchen? I'll never forget when Kelley Martin was over one day, we had to defrost the freezers with blow dryers and ice picks and she marveled at all the 'unrecognizable' packages stored in the freezer. She called them "freezer surprise". It was FUNNY!

LL said...

oh Jenny. thats a fun talk topic :)
YOU will do FABULOUS, I just know it!
I've haven't any advice other than...keep plenty O chocolate handy at all times.
That's my motto

ChefTom said...

Since you live in such a liberal mecca I would through in that provident living doesn't include waiting for the stimulus check at the mailbox.