Thursday, January 16, 2014

we generally don't prefer to clean

I was sick yesterday.
Really sick.
Today is better--but I'm playing my rest-and-recovery card.
I'm also hoping no one else comes down with the bug.
One of the things I managed to do besides lay like a bump on the couch all day long, was to sweep some dirt into a pile. Six people, a wood stove, two cats and constant traffic means the floor gets very dirty very fast.  (Like the dishes... and the laundry...)  I couldn't lie on the couch and look at the dirt. I just couldn't. So I swept. There was no dust pan in sight, so I left the broom and the pile hoping the next kind soul to see it would finish the job.
There were kinds souls.  Kind souls-a-plenty. But the dust pan has remained elusive, and no one had the gumption to come up with an alternative solution.  So the pile remains.
Today's goals:  Rest.  Recover.  Find dustpan.  Clean up the dirt pile.


shirlgirl said...

A piece of cardboard or paper bag would do the trick with one holding and the other sweeping. Oh well. Hope you are feeling better.

LL said...

Hope you're feeling better!
I'm the same, I remember the days of nursing babies. I would sit and look around at all the things I needed to dust, or pick up or sweep.
Take another day or two of recovery!

Jo Jo said...

Feel better fast! Sweep it under the rug!