Sunday, January 5, 2014


It was so cold this week that when we showed up to church this morning, there was no water in the building: frozen pipes. We stayed for an extra nice sacrament meeting in a very full chapel. After a bit of mingling, we headed home for a full afternoon together. We've had two full weeks of together, and it seems like nobody wants to get back to business. There were five of us at home, and wherever there were one or two gathered, there would quickly be five. We like each other. After a late lunch, we lingered at the kitchen table and played an extra long session of that old time favorite the telephone game. You know the one:
 The whispered phrase starts out something like
"a pinch of salt, a spoon of baking powder and lots of love makes perfect cookies"
 After making its way around the table, it comes out sounding something like
"make your way to the kitchen for some bladder cookies."
Sadly, we'll be back in the routine tomorrow.
It's been a delightful two weeks of hanging out.


Janssen said...

I hope my children love each other as much as yours do.

Jo Jo said...

Love those orange flowers and blue vase! Your kids are cute! Still can't believe your party was that small!