Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rambling through Shutesbury

Last time I drove Enrique back to Amherst, I told him how much I love the trip: 90 minutes of rambling through pastoral surroundings mixed with a bit of New England quirkiness.  My new favorite is the little town of Shutesbury.  Drive straight up the hill, arrive in the center of town and then continue down a very long and windy road headed out of town. The only flat parcel of land is between the post office parking lot and the library. That's it. Otherwise you're either on your way up or down. It's a short drive from just about everywhere;
they take idling seriously. 
Ukelele jam fest anyone?
Just pop on over on the first Tuesday.
I bet some really great folks will be there.


Jo Jo said...

You should take your son there! He'd outshine them all! That there is not much flat land, and strict idling codes cracks me up!

shirlgirl said...

I know how much you love traveling these little country roads. There is always so much to offer and so good for the soul. I've always loved the country, especially since I spent most of my summers at my aunt's growing up. I hated coming back to the city. Now the road that she lives on his highly traveled and there's a lot of industry on the road. No longer the country I knew. I remember driving down Littleworth Road in Dover, NH and smelling fresh mown hay and manure! Farm land and lots of it.

ellen said...

i heart new england.