Saturday, January 11, 2014


Once (the musical) has been playing in Boston.
On a whim, I sent these two to see it on Friday night.
The performance was at the Boston Opera House.  I remember taking the boys there to see Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby when they were quite young.  There's nothing like a show in a glitzy theatre. They both had great things to say about the production.
My favorite part was watching them head out on an adventure together.


ellen said...

Sibling love.

Melanie said...

Fun! There really is nothing like a show in a fancy venue.

shirlgirl said...

What fun! I've never been to the Opera House. From what I can see, it is quite beautiful. Nice to see them go to a show together.

LL said...

You have beautiful children!
and what a FUN outing.
McKays first date just might be with his sister...when she's 16. Maybe he will be interested in dating by then. Especially if I offer to buy the tickets :-)