Friday, January 17, 2014

matching socks isn't our thing

It wasn't too hard too look around the house the night before
"Crazy Hat Day"
to inventory our resources. An overflowing basket of
mismatched socks ended up being our pot of gold.
 It IS supposed to be cRaZy, right?!?
 So off he went... my little pile of socks.
(I couldn't suppress my giggles)
 He had that quick moment of doubt just before the bus arrived...
 but I told him to RELAX.
What can go wrong
when you're wearing a pile of socks on your head?


Aaron H. said...

No words.

shirlgirl said...

He's cute! Great idea.

Jo Jo said...

That's hysterical! You were probably laughing all day! It will make a great floor duster when he's through with it! I'm smiling because I forgot you had to drive him to his bus stop when it's REALLY cold!