Thursday, January 30, 2014

emoticons: in sync

Following a text message conversation about coordinating our schedules to plan a time to exercise together,
my friend sent me a text yesterday with a cute little emoticon of what looked to me to be a bunny.  "This is us in sync" is what she texted immediately following the pictorial representation, apparently confirming the meaning of the little cartoon. I don't have cute little emoticons on my phone, so this is what I texted her back:
(at first glance she wondered if our toilets were out of order)


ellen said...

You look like a teenager!

Aaron H. said...

Seriously. What's someone supposed to think when they see this picture?

LL said...

Honestly, the only thought I had when I saw that picture was,
"the kitchen remodel must make you tired" I thouht you were resting! :-)