Friday, January 6, 2012


The landscape at the old homestead is changing.
 phase one:
old play fort
ballisters tapped out
phase two:
bridge and supports down
 phase three:
structural support coming down
 phase four:
pile of lumber, ready to be re-purposed

coming soon:
Mr. Dub's
The little boys had their day.
Now it's time for the big boy to play!


rad6 said...

I bet he is so excited. That is cool. How big is your lot?

LL said...

And that's the way it should be!

shirlgirl said...

What fun! Nice to be able to recycle the lumber, too.

Jo Jo said...

Yeah! A couple of decades in the making...good for you to be the impetus to get things going.

Alana said...

Whoo hoo! That sounds great for Rog. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Aaron H. said...

Good for Rog. The first thing to come out of the new shop should be the last piece of flooring for Dad's guest room so he can finish putting on the trim! :)