Thursday, January 19, 2012

what not to do on a first date

I had a random memory pop into my head today.
I was a sophomore in High School, and newly 16.  Which meant I could date.
A couple of boys at school had asked me to go out a few months before I turned 16, and I happily used the phrase "I can't date until I'm 16."  So some of them, it turns out, were waiting for my birthday, and then re-asked.  This was one of those guys.  I sat next to him in history class.
(My daughter thinks this story makes me sound like I was so popular,,, don't be misled.  I was not.)
I was happy about maybe one or two of those incidents, but mostly not so much.
Dating gave me heartburn.  And hives.
I am still not very good at finding polite ways to say "NO" in all areas of my life, so it is not surprising that I had the same problem in my social life.
This guy asked me to go to a concert with him.
The Cars!
Of course I went.
We sat in the bleachers, and the music was SO loud, I couldn't hear what little conversation he was making with me.  I just kind of politely nodded my head and smiled.  After the concert, he was going to drive me home, and asked if I'd like to go to McDonald's.  (Classy, I know.)  I said "Sure!" because I was a woman of many words.  We got to the parking lot, and I actually saw a few people that I knew (and was friends with) inside the restaurant, so I started to feel a little bit happy, because I'd be able to talk to some people.  Then he whips the car around and we drive through the drive-thru lane and he orders a small fries and a coke at the window.  He didn't think to ask me if I wanted anything.  So I didn't offer.  (it's just amazing to think back on what an awkward date this was)  He then parked the car in the lot, and proceeded to eat his food.  By this, I mean he probably was much more comfortable filling his mouth than using it to talk to me, because this had not been going so well.  He picked up the little paper envelope that the fries came in, and munched the tops of the fries right off.  Then, almost as an afterthought, he turned and looked at me, and held out the little paper thingy, and asked "Did you want some fries?"
Umm.... no.  Thanks.
And we went home.
The end.


ellen said...

That is the best FIRST DATE story I've ever heard. R is for RUDE.

rad6 said...

That is hysterical. Do you mind if I share it with my class? They will get a kick out of that one.

shirlgirl said...

That is unbelievable! Not even ask you if you wanted anything to eat--how rude. I'll bet you were glad when that date was over. That's as bad as going out with someone with severe halitosis!!! So glad you found Mr. Dub!! It is a funny story, though. I'll bet your kids enjoyed it.

LL said...

I wonder if you had so many date offers because of the special hot roller care you gave to your hair each 4am?! Becky told me. don't deny it.

You've always been popular! Now more than ever!

Jo Jo said...

I remember! Wa...

Michael Stokes said...

NOTE: NO is a complete sentence and is really polite in the long run. Try it, smile [add twinkle here] and say NO.

In the south they say, "bless your heart, NO" smiling all the while.

When it comes to hearing NO, I have received them all. Maybe I should write a book by geographic region.

Wisdom from on high [or at least from a father of 4 girls] pass it on to your girls

Aaron H. said...

Dub should reenact the McDonalds part. Except that this time, you'd probably have no issue with eating the fries since you've had kids, and germs ain't no thing anymore.

LL said...

LOVE LOVE what Stokes said. "NO is a complete sentence!"

Becky said...

Oh Jenny....