Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tomato soup and the evolution of lunch

Soup from a can.
Who knew lunch could get so interesting?
Mixed with some milk and cream of course, and accompanied by some crackers for dipping.
That was my lunch today.
With my lunch, I decided to catch up on some news.
I turned on the computer, and clicked on my internet browser...
(20 years ago I would have crinkled my eyebrows at that sentence and mumbled "huh?")
The first thing I saw was the Google doodle tribute to Nicolas Steno.
I had no idea.
Happy 374th birthday to a guy who unassumingly made a difference.
I'd like to think that many people do it his way... quietly pursuing the things that interest and motivate; along the way making improvements to knowledge and progression without fully realizing the impact.
Of course you can't read something on the L.A.Times blog page, and not get pulled into something equally unique and attention-grabbing--like:  
the case of the confiscated cupcake.
Somehow, this cupcake caper just seemed so unjust.
Ironically, however, it also gave me more faith in our airport security friends.
And... have you ever heard of 
(Who comes up with this stuff?)
My biggest question after reading about how the hand on the clock has jumped around over the years 
"Why is there no mention of nations turning away from God in all of this?"
Finally, and kind of funny, is that a respect for God and a desire to do His will has been making headlines in the world of sports.
Whether or not you're a Broncos fan, it's been hard to turn on a radio or TV without hearing the name of Tim Tebow.  I wonder if the Tim Tebow fans will have enough impact globally, that we might be able to set the Doomsday Clock back a few more minutes?
And with that, lunch is over.
I have some napping to catch up on.
New Year's priorities, you know.


Joy said...

You make me smile :-)

rad6 said...

I wish we were neighbors... can I just say that???
I would like to come have lunch with you once in a while.
Had a great conversation about Tim Tebow in seminary yesterday! Lovin it!
Thanks for the fun stories!

rad6 said...

p.s. my word verification word was "blest" for the above comment about Tim Tebow... haha